Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rocket City

All these towns have such interesting nicknames!  So I was just in Huntsville and had a really great time.  Thanks must first go to Suzie Wiley at WYAM-TV in Decatur!  I had such a great hour with her and her crew on Valley Talk discussing The Rebel Wife.  And thanks, too, to Meredith Wood at WAAY-TV in Huntsville.  It was wonderful to talk on the afternoon news program!

I also had an incredible event at the Huntsville Public Library yesterday evening.  Thank you Ann Marie Martin and the Library for being such great hosts!  There was a good crowd who came for a talk about The Rebel Wife--and many of those present were neighbors from over 30 years ago when I was growing up in Huntsville.  It was amazing and so moving, so thanks go out to the Kings, Stiles, Irvines and Lesleys.  It was wonderful beyond words to see everyone there!

And to continue down memory lane, I visited the Burritt Museum up on Monte Sano mountain.  The curious and impressive house was built in 1938.

There are wonderful views.

The eccentric Mr. Burritt collected local art, including cobweb paintings, William Frye portraits and watercolors by Maria Howard Weeden.

There are historic pioneer homes like this old house with a dogtrot (breezeway).

And Mr. Burritt's custom-ordered mint green 1949 DeSoto.  Quite a car.

I also stopped by the great Books-A-Million on University Drive.  They have a great pile of The Rebel Wife's there--and they are signed!! :)

Here's an old country store in Lacey's Spring, Alabama.

 And here's a chair in the middle of the woods.