Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jeudi Livre

I missed Mardi Gras in Mobile by a day or two.  Too bad!  Looks like it was a good time!

Mobile has a little bit of New Orleans in it.

But it's got a lot of other things going on, too.  Some beautiful squares.

Bienville Square
Washington Square in the Oakleigh neighborhood
Amazingly diverse architecture.
The spectacular Egyptian temple of the Masons completed in 1922
Oakleigh Plantation, completed 1833
Amazing Spanish Colonial Revival Church on Government Street
This is a beautiful street in a neighborhood called Ashland, the location of the home of 19th century blockbuster bestselling novelist Augusta Jane Evans.  Her biggest hit was St. Elmo, whose heroine Edna Earle Ponder inspired the name for hotels, trains, steamboats and even a story by Eudora Welty!

Lanier Avenue
And across the bay in beautiful Fairhope, they have the amazing Page and Palette!

They were my host for an event at the Public Library in Fairhope.  We had a great group of people to talk about The Rebel Wife, including these two wonderful ladies, Jo and Sarah!

Jo, me and Sarah--it was a great lunchtime talk!
Check out this truly AMAZING TRW display at the bookstore!

Thank you so much to Stephanie, Doug and everyone else at Page and Palette for your incredible support and a great event!  I can't wait to come back for the next!!

On my way north to Nashville, I had to take a picture of these beautiful pines.

And of course a Stuckey's sign.

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