Thursday, February 16, 2012

Charleston Chew

I am in the Holy City again and it is beautiful here.  I had a great time at Blue Bicycle Books--thanks to Cameron and Jonathan for being such great hosts!

Blue Bicycle Books on King Street
Here are a few of the oddities Clovis and I have stumbled across on our travels so far.  We have come across some pretty great antique stores, like this one in Augusta.

Here's an old Farrah Fawcett mug.

Here is a very serious warning to both past and future shoplifters.

And here is Clovis on a purple blanket!


  1. That Farrah Fawcett mug makes me laugh! Clovis looks good on purple!

  2. Taylor, I am stealing the note from you. I love it...

  3. The Farrah Fawcett mug is THE BEST. And that note truly says it all. I will continue documenting my most favorite unusual finds.... :) It's almost more fun than finding something I want to buy!! (and probably easier too)