Monday, February 27, 2012

Music City

Another city, another nickname!  Clovis and I had a long weekend with family in Nashville, but the mornings were still a little early for him.
Why are you waking me up??
One of the great finds of the weekend was this wonderful restaurant on Hancock Street in Murfreesboro.  Jeff Sowell's family restaurant--a fantastic "meat and three".  I'm obsessed with these places.  Real Southern cooking.  I had smothered pork chops with mashed potatoes and green beans.  Mom had fried catfish, some of the best she has ever had (and that woman has eaten a lot of catfish).  If you are ever around Murfreesboro, you should definitely check it out!

I stopped by the Nashville city cemetery, not far from Fort Negley.  The well-known Civil War embalmer Dr. Cornelius interred many soldiers in this cemetery.

I also had the great honor and privilege to be interviewed by John Seigenthaler of A Word on Words, a great man in every sense of the word.  He worked closely with Robert F. Kennedy, was a Freedom Rider in 1961, and a journalist, editor and publisher of the Nashville Tennessean.  To sit and discuss my novel with him was a humbling and moving experience.  The interview will air on Nashville PBS on May 13th!

Me,  John Seigenthaler and Mom.

 And then it was off to a truly wonderful event at one of the best (and newest) independent bookstores around.  The great Parnassus Books!  There was a great crowd, I had a great time talking, and Clovis got to hang out with us the entire time!

Young Clovis with the beautiful Tiffany!
Some of the wonderful attendees, many friends and family!

Check out this fantastic "Recommended" display at Parnussus!  They are truly the best!  Thank you Karen, Niki, Kathy, Andy and everyone else!  It was a phenomenal evening!

Clovis was so exhausted by it all, he had to take a long nap on our way to Memphis....


  1. Sounds like your tour is going wonderfully well! I adore the top photo of Clovis!!

  2. Isn't that Clovis hilarious? He HATES getting up in the morning!! He was a big hit at Parnassus, too!!