Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Devotional Images

It has been a busy spring! Who am I kidding? Winter seems reluctant to let go. But I have spent some time in the print shop making letter paper inspired by young Clovis. I can't resist, and it helps shake off the winter blahs and blues.

I have been working on silhouettes of Clovis and their associated moods. I mixed the colors myself, trying to match them with the mood. Here is the work in progress. all screen-printed onto 118lb. cream paper. First the color through the stencil.

Then an acrylic gloss to give the image a little shine.

A "selfie", apparently a 21st century requisite, the printer at work.

Out of the oven and onto the cooling rack. Green with anticipation.

 Red for attention.

Blue for concern.

The full set, with purple for repose.

And the muse himself, reluctant to emerge from the warmth of the blankets.

And desperately following the sun as spring progresses.

Not interested in the camera.

Golden, sun-kissed, sleeping lamb.