Saturday, February 11, 2012

Great Things in Greenville

Greenville is the first stop on my book tour!  The wonderful Greenville News did a great profile on me and the book.  My favorite take-away is "A new kind of Southern novel emerges".

I had no expectations of the city, but have been really amazed by how beautiful it is.  Main Street is lined with shops and tall trees strung with lights.  The Reedy River Falls are dramatically lit with a suspension bridge offering a walk above them.  There are restaurants and theaters and a beautiful setting in the Appalachians.

I was so thrilled to go to see a hilarious play, Life After Oprah, at the Café And Then Some last night--thank you Maureen and everyone!!

I also had a great time today at Fiction Addiction.

Thanks to Jill and her mom for believing in my book!  One of my favorite book bloggers, Bermuda Onion, dropped by and took some video--keep an eye out for it on her blog.  And I got the chance to talk with some really great people who love history.  Here are a couple of them.

The wonderful Vanessa with me and Clovis!

Marty and Me!  I had such a great conversation with her and her husband!
And I am so happy to have Clovis with me.  His favorite part so far has been the gorgeous hotel!!


  1. It was so great to see you again and to meet the adorable Clovis! I wish you much luck on your tour and with your book and I look forward to your next one.

    1. Thank you so much, Kathy!! It was so great of you to come by! And I look forward to the next, too!! :) Can't wait to see how the video comes out, too!