Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The weather was the exact opposite of hot while I was in Atlanta.   Here is a frozen fountain from near my hotel.

And this being the land of Gone With the Wind, there were plenty of reminders of that everywhere young Clovis and I went.  Here is some memorabilia we found in a local antique shop...

What more appropriate place to have an event than the Margaret Mitchell House.  What a dream come true!

I had a GREAT conversation there Monday night with wonderful novelist and truly incredible person, Susan Rebecca White.  One of the great things about this tour has been meeting so many great people.  Susan is definitely one of them!

And the great team at the Margaret Mitchell House--Kate, Joanna, Trevor and everyone else.  They made the event so special.  Given my longtime fascination with Gone With the Wind and the echoes of it that play a big role in The Rebel Wife, it was a wonderful "coming home".  We had a great crowd and I made some great friends.

With Joanna and Kate at the Margaret Mitchell House

Here is my escort for the visit, Esther Levine.  Esther knows everyone who is anyone in the writing/bookselling community in Atlanta.  If you are looking for someone to give you the inside track, Esther is the one!  She even let me bring Clovis on our store visits!

With the wonderful Esther Levine!

I got to sign some books!

 And George at Peerless Books in Alpharetta even asked me to sign a table!

Thank you everyone who came out Monday night!  And thank you so much to Mom who came down from Nashville and my BFF Megan who came all the way from New York!!


  1. Clovis needs to get a stamp pad so he can leave his mark too! I'm glad your visit to the ATL was such a huge success!

    1. It was great! And the stamp pad is a great idea!! I will talk to Clovis about it....

  2. It looks like you're having a great time, meeting some great people, seeing some beautiful spots, staying warm and signing books and a table...pretty cool!

    I've read some fantastic reviews of your book and I see from your posts that's it's getting quite a bit of attention...Congratulations!

    1. Hey Amy, Thank you so much for checking out the blog and the book! I keep my fingers crossed and try to approach everything with a sense of gratitude. It has been an incredible experience!