Thursday, March 1, 2012


I don't think Greenwood has a nickname.  Maybe Cotton City?  It has apparently been the long-staple growing capital of the world since 1917.  But the amazing things happening in Greenwood have nothing to do with cotton!

My favorite sign in the South found at Turnrow Books
I was hosted here by the wonderful Turnrow Books on Howard Street.

This is a beautiful little town with an incredibly well-preserved downtown district right at the edge of the Yazoo River.

This is not the Tallahatchie Bridge.
This is the Yazoo River.
The county courthouse is beautiful and surrounded by gigantic magnolias. The Help was filmed here and I am sure you can see why.

The amazing Viking Cooking School is here and has truly transformed the downtown.

The streets are lined with lampposts and the bridge over the river is strung with lights.  What they have done in downtown Greenwood is create a magical and historic downtown setting that is worth a visit for anyone passing through Mississippi.

And there is no more beautiful and dramatic store than the wonderful Turnrow Books.  Look at this interior!!

There are no more passionate and generous book-lovers than owners Jamie and Kelly.  I am so, so happy I got the chance to stop in Greenwood, meet them and talk about The Rebel Wife to a great group of people.  So thank you Greenwood!  The Rebel Wife has been chosen as one of the Turnrow Twenty for spring!

Jamie, me, Clovis and Kelly on Howard Street
In Greenwood, we discovered that Clovis stands about a curb high.

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