Saturday, November 23, 2013

Knit Two

Look at this great picture! Taken by Helen Peppe at an event the other night at the wonderful Wellesley Books. Huge thanks to Jillian and Kym! I had the great pleasure to read with this amazing group of contributors, in order Elizabeth Searle, Marianne Leone, Suzanne Strempek Shea, me, and the unstoppable Ann Hood. Peeking over the table is her multi-talented daughter Annabelle, also a knitter!

There was a great crowd and much sharing of knitting advice, projects and vocabulary. I learned that frogging is when you have to rip out the work; you say "rip it, rip it, rip it." Handy to know. BOFA was another phrase, but I've already forgotten what that means!

And in the meantime, some great reviews have come in.  Here is an excerpt from the review by the Book Reporter:
Lan Samantha Chang, in “The Perfect Gift,” writes about the age-old knitter’s dilemma of making gifts for other people who may not really want the hand-knit item, no matter how much work it entailed. But, she shares, when the recipient of one’s knitted gift loves it, it is the best type of gift-giving there is. In “Teaching a Child to Knit,” Sue Grafton offers solid (and witty) advice for teaching the craft to kids. Kaylie Jones’s contribution, “Judite,” is a heart-tugging recollection of the Portuguese nanny who raised her and showed her love with knitted items. “The Clothes Make the Dog,” one of the best selections in the book, is a hilarious and honest essay about Taylor M. Polites’s relationship with his tiny chihuahua, Clovis, and how he learned to knit just to make sweaters for the dog who taught him to “love more broadly.”
And would you believe it? Clovis made People Magazine!!  He is a celebrity. No dog deserves it more.

The sexiest man alive is on the cover (?). I'm waiting for the sexiest dog alive. Wait, that doesn't sound right.

I love this pic of Mike and Donna Lennon. Taking a break from promotions for Mike's great biography of Norman Mailer, A Double Life, to check out Knitting Yarns!

Some recents of Little C.

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