Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Catch-all

The past month has been a busy one.  The garden keeps growing.

The butter beans are forming pods...
These are Biltmore tomatoes...
And these are Paul Robesons.
I got to spend some time in Brooklyn, which was wonderful.  I taught a short story workshop at The Ali Forney Center to three amazing students.  Roque, Paris and Jesus.  They were smart, insightful and ambitious and I can't wait to see where they take their writing.  The Ali Forney Center provides support and services to homeless LGBTQ young people.  This is an important and deserving cause.  I had an absolutely awesome week there.

And I got to visit nearby Green-Wood Cemetery.  This is one of the grandest 19th century cemeteries in the country.  Filled with loads of famous dead people and an incredible array of sculpture and monuments.
The entrance gates.
A chapel.
A lovely earn.
A temple to John Anderson.
An Egyptian Revival crypt.
DeWitt Clinton.
Even monuments to loyal pets....

Back in Providence, I had a great time on a walking tour of the Armory neighborhood given by the wonderful Providence Preservation Society.   They do a fantastic amount of programming and are worth checking out.  The structure that dominates the neighborhood is the 1907 Armory building.  We got a rare treat--a visit inside.

The 1907 Cranston Street Armory. This is one half of it.
The cavernous Armory space--for military drills and reviews.
They would hold track meets and sporting events here, too.  Today, sadly, it is largely unused.
Balconies with elaborate anchor-themed balustrades.
The anchor is a prominent part of the state seal of Rhode Island. 
And I got to make a trip to Provincetown.  It was a wonderful week, kicked off by a reading at the Fine Arts Work Center.  Another truly worthy organization.  I was thrilled to read from The Rebel Wife alongside a group of authors who contributed to a new anthology, The Letter Q.  The editors asked gay and lesbian authors to write letters of advice to their fourteen-year-old selves.  The readers, including Michael Cunningham, Amy Bloom and Melanie Braverman, spoke beautifully and from the heart.  This is definitely a book worth picking up!

And my friend's Jon and Tony had a reception for me after the reading.  So wonderful!

Tony and Jon with sunflowers.

Stephen and Peter with Clovis bookplates!
And Clovis got to visit with some friends.

With Chui.
Clovis doing his best Greta Garbo.


  1. You've been busy! That cemetery is gorgeous. I don't think Clovis is too thrilled with Chui.

    1. Haha!! Yes! Don't you love the expression on his face? A little wary of the whole thing.... :) And I do love that face he's making, swaddled in his new birthday blanket. :)