Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Flowers, Part Two

It has been an undeniably beautiful spring in Providence.  The weather has remained mild, extending the life of many flowers.  Here are some more taken from lilac time a few weeks ago through the past few days. A couple shots of the lilacs around Brown...



Wisteria is one of my favorites, and there is no lack of it in Providence.  Here on the East Side is a huge stand of wisteria.

This one on the South Side is remarkable and old. You can see the big roots reaching from the lower left up to the branches of the three.  It is flowering up to the treetop--as if the tree itself is one giant trellis for the vines.


And here's one just a couple doors down from me in the West End.

Flowers are starting to show in the community garden. I've got some Siberian iris in my plot. I put in hollyhocks, poppies, African foxglove, datura, marshmallow and a bunch of herbs.  We'll see how they do.

The wormwood I planted last year survived the winter and is thriving.  Anyone know how to make absinthe??

And some gratuitous Clovis pics.  I like the strong contrast between shadow and light in the first two.


Enjoying the warm sidewalks of late spring.


And watching a kickball game in the park. Things have really come alive in the neighborhood.


But the mornings can be cool, so his bed is still a nice refuge.  His Aunt Bonnie made the mini-afghan for him. And Talia made the little pillow on which he rests his head.


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