Friday, September 14, 2012

Fashion Week

It should come as a surprise to no one that Clovis likes to honor fashion week with his own fashion show.  The seamstresses in the atelier have been working around the clock.  He has two new items of knitwear to present.  Black and green are the colors for fall.
Black and green.
Here are a few shots of him modeling the new items.

From below.
The carpet is a great backdrop.  He's a little suspicious.

Big chihuahua eyes.
And these are some outtakes.
Evil eye.
Wearing the sweater-in-progress as a hat.  And none too thrilled about it.
Bathed in golden sunlight.
And here are some recent acquisitions that we both like.

Beautiful tomatoes from the garden. 
Rhode Island runs on Dunkin'.  That is true.
Very '70s to me-I think my grandmother had glasses like these.


  1. Oh, that Clovis is the epitome of fashion, but he should be since his clothes are handmade. I think those amber glasses were given away at gas stations back in the day.

    1. Yes, Clovis only wears couture!!

      I love that the glasses might be from a gas station promotion. That is absolute genius.

  2. Now he is a fashionista!
    My god, cannot keep up with the accolades.
    One outdoes the next and the next and the next....
    Some kid!
    Love the sweater as hat even if C is not wild about it.
    Henry would like to order a cotton version for his new climate.
    Willing to pay couture prices.....
    Missing you both like mad.

    1. I hope you are loving Savannah!! New England misses you, Henry and the cats! Clovis and I will get to work on a cotton top for Henry ASAP!

  3. Um, this is like the best post ever! Never thought to link Clovis with Fashion Week. How silly of me. Ned