Thursday, July 12, 2012

Growing in the Garden

One of the great things about Providence and my Armory Park neighborhood is the sense of community.  One way this manifests is in a series of community gardens.  I am so lucky to have a plot and make things grow.

Here's a long shot of the garden from earlier this spring.

A garden plot neighbor graciously allowed me to plant butter beans in an unused corner of their plot.  There are also thyme and sunflowers.

The garlic earlier in June and a box planted with herbs: basil, marjoram, thyme and wormwood.  What can I do with wormwood?  You can see a little tomato plant beside the box.

This is how the tomatoes and the ripe garlic looked a few days ago.

Long shot with stop sign.
Ripe garlic with the riot of the herb bed behind it.
The tomatoes are surrounded by marigolds and borage.
I also just harvested the garlic I planted last fall!

These Siberian irises are a part of my patch.  They had a lovely bloom this June.

And these are some pictures of flowers from around the neighborhood.

And here's Clovis taking a nice stretch after reading Absalom, Absalom! all morning.


  1. Taylor, your little garden looks beautiful! You have made such a wonderful new life for you and Clovis in RI. So Great!