Saturday, June 2, 2012

Screen Test

They call Providence the "Creative Capital."  They don't just mean creative accounting when they say it.  There is a thriving and diverse arts community here and I got to edge my way into a little piece of it last night.  My wonderful neighbor Caitlin taught me the art and process of screen printing!  My first project was to make bookplates.  I have had requests from a few people that would like me to sign their copy of The Rebel Wife, but they live hundreds or thousands of miles away.  One reader asked if I had a bookplate I could sign and send to her.

No, I don't have bookplates, I thought, but maybe I can make some!

You start with a design.  I used an image of Clovis that I altered to look like a drawing, then I put a laurel wreath around his head.  The Apotheosis of Clovis, or something very like it.  The other pattern is taken from an abstracted Greek leaf pattern on an iron fence in Philadelphia around the Second Bank of the United States (designed by William Strickland and built about 1818; Strickland also designed the Providence Athenaeum!).

The design then gets photo-exposed onto a screen, which then becomes like a stencil for printing.  The process is methodical and physical.  I am really looking forward to continuing with experimentation and new ideas.  Next will be Clovis t-shirts using the laurel design!

The screen with the template photo-exposed onto it.
The wonderful Caitlin and Cristin at the AS220 Print Shop
A test print... 
Hot off the presses and onto the drying rack!
The printer at work
Post-printing screen...
I like to keep my screen clean.
The final beautiful product after being cut!
The bookplate at work!
I also had a great couple days in the NYC area.  I read at the KGB Bar with other alumni from the Wilkes University MFA program.  It was a great event!  I hope to be able to read there again.  Before the reading, I went with friends to a fantastic restaurant on Mulberry Street-Balaboosta.  It was fantastic!  Service, food, atmosphere, everything.

The back of the menu
Fried olives in yogurt and harissa
The most amazing hummus and pita


  1. Wonderful! Wonderful! I want a bookplate and I am seriously hungry now!

  2. Thank you!! Consider it mailed!!