Friday, July 8, 2011

Gilded Age Baby Got Back

I've been going through some of the 19th century "lifestyle" magazines, that is magazines targeted toward women.  They not only cover fashion in exhaustive detail, but also provide poetry and fiction, morals and manners, cooking, health and hygiene and other articles.  The "Work Department" is always fascinating.  More on all of that to come, but I had to post my favorite advertisement I've found so far.  The "Lotta Bustle".  In case your trunk didn't have enough junk in it already.  Check it out.

An ad from Godey's Lady's Book June 1875

Thanks for this to the Providence Athenaeum for giving me the most generous access to their archives of Godey's Lady's Books to find this wonder of the 19th century.  If you are ever in Providence, please visit this fantastic and historic institution and consider donating to keep them open to the public!

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