Monday, June 13, 2011

Room for Living

I moved from Provincetown, Massachusetts (a wonderful town) to Providence, Rhode Island recently.  Providence is also a wonderful town.  In only a few months, I have made many new friends.  Everyone is friendly, warm, interested, open.  There is a sense of community in the Armory District, part of Providence's West End.  More on the Armory and West Broadway area later, but I wanted to talk about one of my new neighbors, Jordan Baumgarten.  He just received his MFA from RISD and is an amazing photographer.  Check out his blog here.  He has a portfolio of photographs that document and question the constructions of masculinity within the sub-culture of American hunters, entitled "Average Americans of the Right Type".  There are some beautiful and mind-blowing photographs in there.

This is a photo he took the other night in my living room.  Absolutely gorgeous.

Taylor Polites's Living Room.  Providence, RI.
Good luck to Jordan!  I am excited to follow this amazing photographer's career.  I am even more excited to have him as a friend and neighbor.

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